The Proof Is In the Big Data Pudding

As a Marketer, I turn to customers to validate my messaging and value proposition.  Big Data is an emerging technology so it is critical that I sell the truth and not the hype.  In other words, we hear how Big Data will solve world hunger, but the proof is in the Big Data pudding.

I was fortunate to conduct video interviews with EMC Greenplum Big Data customers at O’Reilly Strata 2012 to document their Big Data success story, and more importantly, validate the EMC Big Data value proposition.  These customers are real life examples of how Big Data provides business value across the organization – from the Marketing Department to the Operations Department.  Hear their stories below and let me know if you think Big Data can add business value to your organization…

Havas Digital Helps Companies Increase Sales With EMC Big Data

McAfee Transforming Into the Fort Knox of the Internet with EMC Big Data

Knotice Helps Companies Improve Conversion Rates With EMC Big Data

“If It Weren’t For Chorus, It Would Just Get Lost” – Josh Klahr, Vice President, Product Management for EMC Greenplum

Silicon Valley breeds the next best million dollar idea. Many make millions by solving a simple problem or taking a very inefficient process and making it efficient. EMC Greenplum Chorus is the next best million dollar idea.

In my 15 years of working with data to solve business problems, I always knew that there was a better way, but continued with a siloed approach- spending time finding relevant data and figuring out what it means, running analysis based on my own domain expertise, and finally making conclusions based on my own interpretations. Chorus is a ground-breaking solution that removes this siloed process, and replaces it with a collaborative process to ensure organizations gain maximum value from their data.

I sat down with Josh Klahr, Vice President of Product Management for EMC Greenplum to talk about Chorus, the world’s first and only analytic productivity platform.

You have been working with data and driving analytics solutions for over 15 years. What were the compelling reasons for joining EMC Greenplum to lead their Data and Insight product team?

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Big Data: Classical or Jazz?

By Mona Patel, EMC

“Science is nothing but the finding of analogy, identity, in the most remote parts.”  -Ralph Waldo Emerson.  There were some pretty cool Big Data analogies discussed at The O’Reilly Strata Conference 2012 in Santa Clara, CA.  One in particular was “Big Data: Classical or Jazz?” a keynote delivered by Luke Lonergan, CTO of EMC Greenplum.   In attendance was Generosa Litton, Director of Big Data Marketing at EMC. I asked her about her thoughts on Luke Lonegran’s keynote.

After listening to Luke’s keynote “5 Big Questions about Big Data”, what made a lasting impression?

I was fascinated by what Luke said about how organizations need to behave in order to leverage Big Data. Luke equated this new behavior in terms of classical and jazz music performances and described the technologies that companies need to acquire in order to harness the power of Big Data.

So Is Big Data Classical or Jazz?

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Datameer Puts an Approachable Face to an Intimidating Hadoop

By Mona Patel, EMC

Hadoop was the official “buzz” around O’Reilly Strata Conference 2012 in Santa Clara. We can all agree that Hadoop is a key component to a Big Data strategy, but without the “ease of use” factor, this critical component can become a disabler instead of an enabler. Similar to a data warehouse environment, if a business user does not have the business intelligence tools to quickly and easily explore data, the data warehouse is ineffective. In these instances, organizations end up with silos of user-friendly MS Access databases and Excel spreadsheets.

Enter Datameer…the first and only packaged business intelligence solution for Apache Hadoop. The Datameer booth at Strata caught my eye and I was very impressed with their value proposition because they focus on the end user, the person who will make or break the Big Data project. Datameer solutions address a broad spectrum of needs, from users in IT to business users who are looking at ways to quickly integrate and analyze data from unstructured data such as log file data, social media activity, etc. I sat down with Stefan Groschupf, CEO Datameer at Strata to learn more about how Datameer will help organizations transform their business with Big Data.

Who is Datameer and how is your company unique in the industry?


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