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Want To Become A Data Scientist? EMC Can Train You in 5 Days.

Mona Patel

Senior Manager, Big Data Solutions Marketing at EMC
Mona Patel is a Senior Manager for Big Data Marketing at EMC Corporation. With over 15 years of working with data at The Department of Water and Power, Air Touch Communications, Oracle, and MicroStrategy, Mona decided to grow her career at EMC, a leader in Big Data.

Everyone agrees that there is a shortage of Data Scientists. If not addressed soon, Big Data breakthroughs in areas such as healthcare, renewable energy, public sector, etc will decelerate.  I am proud to say that EMC is doing its part to solve the problem by fostering Data Science development with training and certification, hands on expertiseweb events, internships, and more.  For example, EMC Education Services offers a 5-day Data Science and Big Data Analytics  training and certification,  designed to enable immediate and effective participation in big data and other analytics projects.

Data Scientist course outline

As a Big Data citizen, I want to motivate those thinking about moving into the world of Data Science, to take action and get trained. I met with Barry Heller, a developer for EMC’s Data Science curriculum, who leverages his extensive education and past experience as an EMC Data Scientist for curriculum development.  If Barry’s story resonates and you relate in some way, I hope it inspires you to start a career in Data Science.

1) How many people have completed the EMC Data Science and Big Data Analytics training since its creation early this year?


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