Big Data Provides Bathroom ROI

How long does it take to step away from your desk, go to the bathroom, and return back to your desk? Eight minutes for Jim Bampos, Vice President of Total Customer Experience at EMC. Eight minutes is also the time it takes his organization to run a Customer System Reliablity report, thanks to Big Data. Jim Bampos calls this Bathroom ROI, as shrinking the report time from five days to eight minutes has had a tremendous impact on improving customer service and optimizing field operations at EMC. The key to this success story was defining a clear business case and partnering with EMC IT and Greenplum, compelling EMC executives to support and fund Jim’s Big Data vision.

What is the goal of the Total Customer Experience(TCE) organization at EMC?

Our goal is to provide the industry’s best total customer and partner experience through a customer-focused, data-driven strategy via management and analysis of data.

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20 Node Hadoop Cluster, With Hive, No Pig Please

We can all agree that Hadoop is a key component to a Big Data strategy, but without a simple and fast way to stand up a complex Hadoop system, IT cannot deliver the value promised by Big Data. The good news is that VMware has addressed the challenge with Project Serengeti, enabling enterprises to quickly deploy, manage, and scale Apache Hadoop in virtual and cloud environments. Available for free download under the Apache 2.0 license, Serengeti allows enterprises to leverage the VMware vSphere platform to deploy a Hadoop cluster in minutes, including common Hadoop components such as HDFS, MapReduce, Pig, and Hive.

EMC further accelerates the Hadoop deployment process through the only end-to-end Big Data storage and analytics solution that leverages the power of VMware Serengeti. By combining Serengeti with EMC Isilon scale out NAS and EMC Greenplum HD (100 percent open source certified and supported version of the Apache Hadoop stack), you will be able to deploy and configure a Hadoop analytics solution faster and more cost effective than other deployment option.  Watch a quick demonstration on how this powerful Hadoop analytics solution is deployed in minutes.

Want more details? Fausto Ibarra, Sr. Director of Product Management, Data and Analytics at VMware explains the value proposition of Serengeti.

1.  First thing first, how can Serengeti deploy a standardized Hadoop cluster with a single command in under 10 min?

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