Big Data Provides More Than Just Security For Video Surveillance

How can you run your business better if you don’t actually know what’s going on? Traditional video surveillance is primarily a security application and very reactive – when something bad has happened, you spend hours reviewing the footage and then take action. With Big Data technologies, there is an opportunity to move beyond security to monitoring and analyzing the business in order to better understand customer behavior, optimize operations, manage risk, and innovate.

Hector Martinez, Business Development Lead for Defense, Safety, and Security at EMC discusses the state of the video surveillance industry and how Big Data has the potential to transform the industry from just a security application to a business recommendation engine.

1. What are the top use cases for Video Surveillance today?

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EMC Isilon OneFS 7.0: Converging Big Data and The Enterprise

Experimenting with and gaining insight from Big Data first and foremost requires collecting massive amounts of unstructured, file-based data.  However, without efficient storage, IT will expire these growing mounds of Big Data. Fortunately, Isilon OneFS is an intelligent operating system for scale-out NAS storage, designed to match data sets with the appropriate tier of storage based on business value to lower the total cost of Big Data.  Not only that, the release of OneFS 7.0 scales to over 15PBs, delivering a 25% increase in single file system throughput.

As with any product release, there are so many new features to digest and understand that some go unnoticed.  Fortunately, Nick Kirsch, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at EMC Isilon, summarizes some of the key features of Isilon OneFS 7.0 and why they are incredibly important to drive Big Data applications.

1) You have been at Isilon for 10 years focusing on bringing innovative, high quality products to market. What keeps you here?

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OpenChorus Project: The Dawn of The Data Science Movement

OpenChorus Project is the first real attempt to help companies succeed with Big Data. How? We all know that the barrier to success has been a lack of available data science talent and the tools needed to address Big Data analytic challenges. Open sourcing Greenplum Chorus is an attempt to rapidly grow the data science community by giving them a rich analytic platform to easily gain insight, grow and share their skills, and ultimately deliver value with Big Data projects.

Partners, startups, and even individual developers can download the source code and deliver new Chorus-integrated Big Data applications and tools needed for the diverse requirements across industries and business functions. For example, the release of Greenplum Chorus 2.2 at the end of this quarter will include valuable contributions from partners Gnip, Tableau, and Kaggle, enabling Data Scientists to correlate Twitter data into their analysis, leverage advanced Tableau visualizations, and gain access to Kaggle expert Data Scientists.

Check out the interview with Logan Lee, Director of Product Management at Greenplum, about the company’s reasons for releasing the Chorus code and the types of contributions that are expected to create a much needed Data Science movement.