Addicted To Analytics – EMC’s Marketing Science Lab

Our CMO Jeremy Burton is a visionary, always at least three steps ahead of the pack. I identified this gift early on, recalling Jeremy’s ability to excite a very calm and composed Technology Marketing team at Oracle 12 years ago through innovative ideas. I knew he was on the rise – Big and Fast. Yes, pun intended. Today, Jeremy’s vision at EMC is not only to harness Big Data to build a data-driven Marketing organization, but also to inspire other organizations to do the same in their Marketing departments through EMC’s Marketing Science Lab.

The Marketing Science Lab, built on EMC Big Data technology, provides a 360 degree view of customers in order to better understand their behavior and sentiment and improve marketing effectiveness. The Marketing Science Lab is not only accessible to EMC Marketers, but also presents itself through a highly visual dashboard application at EMC’s Executive Briefing Center in Santa Clara, CA. EMC’s Michael Foley leads the Marketing Science Lab and provides us with more insight into how this Big Data project is transforming EMC’s business and making everyone in Marketing addicted to analytics.


1.  Can you describe the Big Data technology behind the Marketing Science Lab?

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Greenplum Database and MADlib Are Best When They Work Together

When I first heard of MADlib, the first things that came to my mind were the comical game and the hip-hop rapper. In the context of Big Data, MADlib is actually an open source project for Magnetic, Agile, Deep (MAD) data analysis, an orthogonal approach to traditional Enterprise Data Warehouses and Business Intelligence. The primary goal of the MADlib is to accelerate innovation in the Data Science community via a shared library of scalable in-database analytics.

One of the strong supporters and contributors to MADlib is EMC Greenplum, as MADlib is currently ported to the Greenplum Database, as well as the PostgreSQL Database. Since I am employed by EMC, I had the luxury of chatting with MADlib Architect Caleb Welton and MADlib Product Manager Gaurav Kumar over coffee in the Greenplum Break-room.

Describe how MADlib is Magnetic, Agile, and Deep?

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