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Architecture Changes in a Bound vs. Unbound Data World

Thomas Henson

Thomas Henson

Unstructured Data Engineer and Hadoop Black Belt at Dell EMC
Thomas Henson is a blogger, author, and podcaster in the Big Data Analytics Community. He is an Unstructured Data Engineer and Hadoop Black Belt at Dell EMC. Previously he worked helping Federal sector customers build their first Hadoop clusters. Thomas has been involved in the Hadoop Community since the early Hadoop 1.0 days. Connect with him @henson_tm.
Thomas Henson
Thomas Henson

Originally posted as Bound vs. Unbound Data in Real Time Analytics.

Breaking The World of Processing

Streaming and Real-Time analytics are pushing the boundaries of our analytic architecture patterns. In the big data community we now break down analytics processing into batch or streaming. If you glance at the top contributions most of the excitement is on the streaming side (Apache Beam, Flink, & Spark).

What is causing the break in our architecture patterns?

A huge reason for the break in our existing architecture patterns is the concept of Bound vs. Unbound data. This concept is as fundamental as the Data Lake or Data Hub and we have been dealing with it long before Hadoop. Let’s break down both Bound and Unbound data.

Bound vs. Unbound Data (more…)

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